Material and surface treatment products in Algeria

HERKULES Airless Pump

The new maximum power series for heavy corrosion protection and maximum requirements, such as in the marine and offshore industry. High-quality and robust WIWA pump technology with high and even extremely high pressure transmission rates and enormous volumetric capacities to meet highest demands.


The new WIWA range for heavy-duty corrosion protection. Suitable for a particularly extensive range of industrial coating applications of any kind. The Airless high pressure pumps of the PROFESSIONAL Series are most suitable for applications in paint circulation systems.

PHOENIX Airless Pump

PHOENIX Airless : Robust Airless spray painting equipment for efficient spray painting. PHOENIX Air Combi : For finest spray painting results using the environmentally friendly Air Combi spray painting method. PHOENIX Hot Job : Hot spraying equipment for shortest drying times and highest surface quality.

PROFIT Airless Pump

WIWA PROFIT Airless Robust Airless spraying unit for economical spray painting WIWA PROFIT Air Combi For highly accurate spray painting with the environmentally friendly Air-Combi spray painting method

EFFECTIVE Airless Pump

The next generation of powerful WIWA 1K Airless and AirCombi spray equipment. Joineries, furniture industry, painters and spray painting shops, mechanical engineering and vehicle construction.