Material and surface treatment products in Algeria

Manual Paint Gun for Waterborne Solution

The CPH 600 system is waterbased material electrically isolated supply system: it is specially designed to be used with the MIV 6600 W gun. With it, it is possible to spray water soluble materials lectrostatically, while protecting the operator from electric shocks.

TRP Automatic Spraying Guns

The TRP range of spray guns is internationally recognised for its high spraying quality. Based on the air + electrostatic technique, these guns allow high flow painting.

PPH 308 Automatic Bell Spraying with Rotating Bell

The PPH 308 rotary atomizer is outfitted with a SAMES patented magnetic air bearing turbine. This bell was designed for the General Industry market, to spray electrostatically water-based, solvent or bicomponent materials.

PPH 405 Automatic Spraying with Rotating Disc

High speed rotating disk paint spray applicator. The versatility of this gun means it can be used to coat metal sections, wooden furniture and electrical household appliances.