Material and surface treatment products in Algeria

Measuring Before Curing

The Powder Comb is an easy to use tool that allows you to know the applied powder thickness immediately thanks to a precise measurement before curing. It offers you the possibility of measuring on all types of substrates (metal, plastic, wood and glass) of various shapes and sizes.

Thickness Measurement Coatings on Metals

These apparatuses use the principle of the eddy current or the magnetic current.

Thickness Measurement Coatings on Non Metallic Substrates

Coating thickness gauges using the ultrasonic principle and destructive measuring apparatuses.

Thickness Measurement Wall Thickness by Ultrasonic Measurement

These apparatuses control, by ultrasonic method, the thickness of walls, pipings, and more generally the thickness of all the parts where access is only possible from one side. They can be used on many materials such as metals, glass, hard plastics, ceramics.

Wet Films

Thickness control of paints (liquid or powder) before drying or baking.

Other Thickness Controlers

Thickness control of products (paper, fabrics, films, etc.) wich are not applied onto a support. Feeler comparator.