Material and surface treatment products in Algeria


The viscosity measuring principle retained by Brookfield is to apply a force of movement to a product while putting it at a fixed rotation speed, a spindle of a fixed size. The resistance of the product to the movement of the spindle rotation is recorded with the assistance of an…


The technique of measuring at imposed speed has its limits when it's necessary to measure the consistency of a product at rest. It's impossible to take a measurement at null speed.


System designed for high temperature viscosity measuring (up to 300°C), by coaxial geometry, of sample volumes of 8 to 13 ml.


Designed for measuring the viscosity of paste-like samples such as gels, pastes and thixotropic products, eliminating 'channeling' thanks to the helical path.

Brookfield Viscosity Standards

The Brookfield silicone viscosity standards can be used with the standard viscometers. Stable and not toxic, these standards are calibrated at 25°C according to NIST.

Flow Cups

The flow cups, also called consistometric cups, are the simple and economic tools used for fast viscosity control in production.