Material and surface treatment products in Algeria


The spectrocolorimeters make it possible to qualify and compare the colours according to the colour scales of which the principal ones are : L*a*b*, L*C h, x y Y and X Y Z.

Light Cabinets

The human observation of colours may be distorted by the surroundings. It is necessary to 'standardise' the observation surroundings and to have reference colours which are gathered in colour fans.


The glossmeters, also known as reflectometers, illuminate the to be controlled surface with the help of a standardised light and according to a standardised angle. Then they measure the diametrically reflected light quantity.

Opacity Meters

These apparatuses make it possible to qualify the transparency of semi opaque products. The used technologies are between the ones that are used for colour control and the ones that are used for gloss control.


Easy and fast method to determine the hiding power of wet film. The method consists of determining the minimum film thickness by covering the base plate.