Material and surface treatment products in Algeria

Free Jet Blasting Equipments

Remote control system abrasive micro-valve, 1½ moisture separator, cover, 20 meters heavy duty blast 32 x 8 (1¼) with nozzle holder and coupling, high production venturi tungsten-carbide, lined helmet air filter, blast helmet (Extrem), leather/cotton averall a pair of leather blasting gloves.

Wet Blast Equipments

Save up to 60% on abrasives Improve up to 80% on hose and nozzle wear Because of: Heavier and aerodynamic particles because of water film Protection of wear parts by water lubrication Penetration of water between old coating/corrosion and the surface

Vacuum Blast Equipments

Blastmedia capacity:40(ltr) Empty weight:525kgs Dimensions:1525mm x 735mm x 1660mm Max. working pressure:8 bars Recommended compressor size:10m3/mn Max. abrasive size:1,5mm Standard blasting diameter:50mm Blasting diameter large blast head:75-80mm